Twitch chatbot: 8 Great Chatbots to Upgrade Your Twitch Stream

5 Great Chatbots to Take Your Twitch Stream to the Next Level

chatbots for twitch

And then, click on the option “Connect with Twitch” to select your twitch account for connection. Whether you choose to grab yourself a nice refreshing bottle of water or not is up to you, but it will make sure you know that it’s time for some H2O. The point of this bot is to remind you to stay healthy while you are streaming, making sure you don’t forget to keep hydrated. That’s where moderator bots come in, saving precious time and energy. There’s a Twitch bot that’s right for you, it’s most likely on this list – you’ve got nothing to lose by giving one or two a go.

  • The best part is you don’t have to attend all types of chats individually.
  • It offers random announcements in stream, can create your own virtual currency, blocks abusive chat and much more.
  • The standalone program is also a powerful chatbot with several unique features that make the bot stand out above the rest.
  • If you have human mods, Moobot also makes it easy for you to assign tasks to them while you’re streaming.
  • There is a variety of features and a dedicated support team too.

Determining the “best” generative AI chatbot software of 2023 can be subjective, as it largely depends on the business’s specific needs and objectives. The landscape of AI chatbot software is continuously evolving, and new chatbot entrants may offer innovative features and improvements over existing solutions. Therefore, the best chatbot for your business will vary based on factors such as industry, use case, budget, and desired features – there is no “one size fits all” solution. We reviewed each AI chatbot pricing model and available plans, plus the availability of a free trial to test out the platform. Best chatbot for internal knowledge-base management

Bing AI chat is available at no additional cost for customers who are licensed for Microsoft 365 E3, E5, Business Standard, Business Premium, or A3 or A5 for faculty. If you don’t have those licenses, you can purchase Bing AI as a standalone tool for $5 monthly. OneTwoStream has everything to do with streaming, podcasting and influencer marketing. You will agree that only an interactive channel can be successful, but there is not always enough time to engage your viewers.

Whether you’re looking to add new aspects to your stream like currency or sound effects, every stream needs a moderation bot. Everyone who has been to Twitch has come in contact with at least one chat bot. If “Moobot” or “Nightbot” rings a bell, you’ve shared an experience with many others that has become a staple for many streams. To set up a chatbot, link your Twitch account to the chatbot service via the Connect to Twitch button on the chatbot’s official website. After you’ve given your bot the authorization to be linked with your streaming channel, move on to the bot’s dashboard. And with new features and software entering the already clustered market each day, there’s no clear winner in our eyes.


At the designing stage, the CEO asked the CTO to “propose a concrete programming language” that would “satisfy the new user’s demand,” to which the CTO responded with Python. In turn, the CEO said, “Great!” and explained that the programming language’s “simplicity and readability make it a popular choice for beginners and experienced developers alike.” AI chatbot’s ability to communicate in multiple languages makes it appealing to global audiences. This functionality also allows the chatbot to translate text from one language to another. Simply click on the “Join for free” button on the home page, log in to your Twitch account, and the bot should be ready to use right away.

Regular viewers earn loyalty points when they watch your stream and interact with you and other viewers in the chat. When they’ve earned enough, they can use these points to earn custom rewards. Besides automation and moderation, Botisimo shows you important stats about your viewership. It monitors your engagement, your audience’s watch hours, and how many new viewers you have, among others. All of these are logged in your dashboard, where you’ll find easy-to-understand graphs that help you see how your streams are performing. In this guide, we give you a rundown of the best Twitch chatbots that help you boost viewer engagement while building a healthy community on the platform.

With all of the bots popping up in thousands of channels, it’s difficult for streamers to figure out what is the best chat bot to use for their channel. Deepbot is one of the few chatbots that supports integration with Discord, a chat app that’s very popular with gamers. So if you’re looking for a singular chatbot that can spice up your Twitch chat and Discord chat all from one location, Deepbot could be for you. Note that the Discord integration does require a recurring monthly payment of $5 for it to work but this payment will also unlock a host of other Deepbot VIP features as well such as notifications. It offers random announcements in stream, can create your own virtual currency, blocks abusive chat and much more.

Luckily, there are a lot of Twitch bots that handle all of those tasks for you so that you can focus on creating and streaming your content. And the best part is that most of them are free and easy to use. For example, quotes can be saved on a convenient list for late reference.

Prepare yourself. A Donald Trump chatbot is about to be unleashed. – POLITICO

Prepare yourself. A Donald Trump chatbot is about to be unleashed..

Posted: Mon, 11 Sep 2023 19:52:07 GMT [source]

If you have a troll spamming meaningless chat during your stream, the Twitch chatbot can promptly kick the user. If some other sub-event needs to be initiated during a stream, the Twitch chatbot can immediately execute the command by telling it to do so. Modern chatbots have become great assistants for streamers since they have a variety of different features which cover many points of the channel. Moreover, most of the bots are being constantly developed by the community which allows making them more efficient helpers on the channel. Choose the bot appealing to you and provide your channel with a more exciting experience for viewers thanks to it.

While Twitch mods can’t add a bot, you can give them access to them as an editor where they can add or change commands to help your stream run smoothly. It is always a good idea to put some chat rules in your profile so that people know what is expected of them. While most people show common sense, it is good to set guidelines so that people know you are serious. Chatbots are one of several Twitch applications that can improve your stream.

chatbots for twitch

For those uninitiated, a program being open-source means that its base code can be changed at will, making those who use it able to alter every aspect of Phantombot at will. However, it’s worth pointing out that Botisimo has a membership system with two paid tiers. You can get started for free, but if you want to do something as simple as rename the bot or announce streams on Twitter… Moobot claims to be present on streams that account for over 60% of Twitch’s total viewership, making it the most prominent bot on the site. It has been active for over 10 years and verified by Twitch itself. The bot comes packed with a selection of minigames for users to play in chat, keeping themselves busy while you are taking a moment to thank donors or use the bathroom.

Plus, you won’t need any technical know-how about bots to run Fossabot on your channel. If you’re just starting out with streaming, Nightbot is the best Twitch bot for you. You’ll get the hang of it in no time, even if you have zero experience with Twitch bots. That said, not all of its moderation, action automation, and gamification tools are available by default.

First, it includes Twitch mod which response straight away to spam messages. They will be removed the moment they’re identified by the system. Enabling the feature to allow viewers to request their favorite music. Users of chatbots for twitch Discord and Youtube also get the opportunity to test out this program. The last one allows you to provide relevant answers to viewers’ questions. The millions of users it has amassed is concrete evidence of its popularity.

Streamlabs Chatbot Pros and Cons

There are options for macros, special counters, and python scripting. StreamElements is a popular tool for live broadcasters that can be used on YouTube and Twitch. As a result, you don’t have to be concerned about your stream’s utilization because the bots will clean it. You may devote all of your attention to improving your stream and making it more interesting.

  • A few years ago, if you wanted a specific feature from a bot, you had to get a select bot.
  • With all of the bots popping up in thousands of channels, it’s difficult for streamers to figure out what is the best chat bot to use for their channel.
  • Our mission is to help others who are (probably) not as tech-savvy as we are.
  • Fossabot offers moderation tools that help you build a healthy community on Twitch.
  • Our final bot to look at is Wizebot, and it seems to do the job perfectly well.

Luckily, a chatbox can step in and do all the moderation work on behalf of the streamer. A chatbot acts as a representative to answer inquiries submitted by viewers. With a slew of messages popping up in the chat, it’s nearly impossible to manually type in an answer for each inquiry. One of the main goals of each Twitch streamer is to be famous on the platform, which means they need to grow their channel and get as many followers as possible.

chatbots for twitch

Deepbot may also be used for song requests, entertaining games, and streamer chat, among other things. Deepbot doesn’t have as wide a user base as the other Twitch bots on this list, but it’s still one of the most functional and most versatile ones out there. It’s completely cloud-hosted and free to use, and it has a user-friendly dashboard where you can easily customize the bot’s features.

Wizebot also integrates with popular streaming platforms, making it easy to use no matter which software you prefer. It helps users manage all chats with customizing features, quotes, and others, but it also works well in queuing different schedules for better management. You can easily add any command you think will suit your viewers and offer them an outstanding experience during live streams.

Providing more information to chatbots may lead to more accurate answers, but also gives away more personal health-related information. Some may be more specifically designed for use in medical settings, and advantages from their use may outweigh potential disadvantages. AI chatbots can be built to meet a range of needs in both business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) environments. Deploy chatbots to any part of your business from marketing, sales, and HR. Use custom bots to qualify and convert leads and streamline processes.

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