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Mental Health Billing: What Every Therapist Needs to Know

Usually an EMR, electronic medical record, has pertinent patient data in one provider’s office. An EHR, electronic health record, is more comprehensive and can be used for a patient...

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All about miscellaneous expenses

Fines or penalties include amounts paid such as parking tickets, tax penalties, and penalties deducted from teachers’ paychecks after an illegal strike. No deduction is allowed for the restitution...

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What Are the Components of Prime Cost? Definition, Formula, and 2 Main Components

Management can analyze the amount of direct costs stemming from this department and target ways to improve processes to decrease consumption. Each cost object has different costs that management...

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What Is a Lump-Sum Payment, and How Does It Work?

A fixed annuity payment may be preferable to a lump sum, but it may not be enough to invest. A lump sum payment is a one-time payment for the...

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Etsy Bookkeeping And Where To Find The Tax Info You Need

This form is good to use if you track inventory, or if you want to see what items sold the most throughout the year. However, most of the financial...

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